SEIDIO DILEX Case with Kickstand & Holster for the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review


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Apr 23, 2011
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SEIDIO DILEX Case with Kickstand & Holster for the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review

-Raised corners provide better drop protection
-Certified 6 feet impact protection

-FPS is a little hard to press for left handers
-Volume buttons are not accessible when using the kickstand


Are you looking for a case that has it all? Lots of protection with a metal kickstand and holster? If so then look no further than the DILEX case.


What You Get
The case comes in a big cardboard box with a cutout so you can see the beautiful case and a flap to cover about 2/3 of the front. You can buy this case both with and without the kickstand, although, SEIDIO charges a lot for the kickstand separately, so, I would strongly recommend that you buy the case and kickstand together if there’s even the slight chance that you will use it. This case is offered in black, blue/gray, and red/black.

This case is certified for a 6 feet impact drop protection, and has raised corners as well as a dual layer design. Additionally, it has a “Signature Hexguard Technology” on the inside of the TPU layer which adds more shock protection in the event of impact. It should be noted that while it has a small lip which protects the phone while facing down, the same small lip isn't going to give a lot of face drop protection.


Fitment, Feel, and First Impressions
The case is a bit thick at 3.6mm and features a dual layer design with a flexible TPU inner case and hard shell polycarbonate outer. It also feels a bit heavy, but that is to be expected for very heavy duty back and side/corner protection. This is the preferred design for dual layer cases as it has the softer surface directly touching the phone. The case feels comfortable in hand, and I was able to rest my pinky finger under the fps, which makes it a little more secure against slipping out of the hand. The case itself is moderately grippy, pretty standard for polycarbonate back cases


The thickness of the case makes the fingerprint scanner a little hard to access using the left hand without touching the camera. This isn’t a problem using the right hand though.


The DILEX features a zinc-alloy magnetic kickstand for multimedia viewing in horizontal mode only. In the horizontal orientation, the volume buttons aren't accessible. You can lift the phone up slightly and press the buttons, but it is a little inconvenient. SEIDIO claims that it is indestructible. While I haven’t done any destructive testing, it does feel very solid, and it didn’t bend when I applied significant force to it. The kickstand sits in a slot when closed, so it won’t snag on anything.


All the holes and buttons are well aligned, and require a moderate force to press, so as to help avoid accidental presses in the pocket.


The holster is very secure, yet I am still able to remove and holster my phone with one hand. You can holster the phone vertically, horizontally, or virtually any angle that you may desire. It also has a lock for the holster angle as well as a lock to lock the phone inside the holster.

Why should I buy it?
This case is for someone who wants a rugged case that offers good drop protection, an “indestructible” case mounted kickstand, and a holster. The corners are also beefed up to help against corner drops. If you are looking for this combo, then this case is really the best that you will be able to find. You can buy this case from SEIDIO:
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