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Sep 8, 2011
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Hi all,

Just to let you know that Origin8's epic sci fi Tower Defense game "Sentinel 3: Homeworld" is now available on the Android Market. It won plenty of awards on iOS and featured in many Top 10 of 2010 lists, and initial Android ratings and reviews show that it's not disappointing on the new platform :)

The latest and greatest instalment in the Sentinel series sees the action move to the depths of space, as humanity turns the tide in the war with the alien invaders. Don't worry about missing parts 1 and 2, it's not a plot heavy series and you can jump right into the action with 3.

Here's the official trailer for the iOS version of the game:

And some screenshots:






- A 20 level campaign across 14 unique maps.
- A powerful commander unit which can level up and gain new abilities as you play.
- Over 20 unlockable turrets, orbital ship weapons, automated drones and abilities at your disposal.
- Customize your weapon loadout in the Armory to match the demands of the mission.
- Specialized structures and units provide unique tactical gameplay.
- Use the landscape and destructible defences to maximize the effectiveness of your weapons.
- Unleash the Sentinel's incredible ship weapons system - if you've got the power to do so...
- Deploy mobile attack drones to harass the enemy and augment static defences.
- Construct boosters to buff your offence, and upgrade to top-tier towers for devastating special moves.
- Resource harvesting and interest system adds a new dimension of risk and reward.
- Endless modes for all maps with online highscores.
- Classic mode allows you to compete for scores in a pure skill-based game mode.
- View strategic layouts from the leaderboards - see how the best players think.
- Visually stunning environments, towers and enemies with fluid zooming and scrolling.

Get Sentinel 3: Homeworld from the Market here:

If you have any questions or comments about the game let us know in this thread or through our support address, and enjoy the game!

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