Serious battery problem on Moto OG Droid


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Mar 14, 2014
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I have an OG Motorola Droid that was working just fine until I disable a few system apps (which stated "safe to remove") with the System Cleanup app.

Ever since that, the phone dropped to 1%.

When I went home, it died. I hooked it up, charged it a bit (around 20% I believe) - and it was working just fine.

And it all of a sudden went back to 1%.

I tried the Battery Calibration app, it claimed that the phone was still at 1%.

Then the phone Randomly died - BUT when I turned it back on, it was claimed to be charged at 56%.

I tried using it, and it dies Again. Then when I turned it back on, it was claimed to be at 1%.

I went into the CWM-Based Recovery, did a factory reset, wiped Everything (including battery stats), reinstalled the Jelly Bean rom I have on my android and it's kernel and gaaps, and when the phone turned back on, it claimed to be charged at 60%.

Then, it turned Back off.

I turned it back on, claims to be at 1% again.

If I try to charge it, it seems to Stay at 1%.

I swear - I Know the battery is still charging, as it's very warm. I have no idea why this keeps happening.

None of this had happened Until I used System Cleanup.

Even though I did a factory reset, are the disabled apps still disabled?

Also, is there anything else I can do besides buy a new battery? What if the battery isn't the reason why this is happening?

Please help me, and thank you.

(Status Report: I tried to get into the CWM-Based Recovery without the charger to see what happens - it loads up, but shuts down about 3 minutes afterwards.

I have just now removed the battery for about 5 minutes, just put it back on the charger, and now it's at 5%...

Turned the phone off - it wouldn't come on unless I plugged it in. Plugged it in, and now it's at 60%.

Did it again, now it's back to 1%.

Did it again, now it's at 56%.

...someone please help me, lol!)


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Dec 4, 2012
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Re: Serious battery problem

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The only thing I can suggest is to reflash a stock ROM.


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Apr 17, 2012
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Re: Serious battery problem

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