Serious issue, lost all notes because of TWRP, will pay $$ if fixed. Anyone?


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Feb 27, 2016
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Serious issue, lost all notes because of TWRP, will pay $$ if fixed

Currently on an S3 i747m model rooted, using TWRP, and running the newest Validis ROM, been on it for ages with no issues.
Last night while trying to get data to work (which I shut off using a third party app, as it was persistently turning back on) would not turn back on. I went in to TWRP and stupidly without backing anything up I triedbthe fix app permissions option.
This broke literally everything but I was able to repair it all by backing up everything through TWRP, reflashing Validus, then restoring my backup.
When I got back in, in all my happiness of seeing messages, contacts photos, were all intact, and this is where it gets dumb, I decided I'd back up my current state to make sure I can fix the issue again should I be out. While backing up I noticed I was low on space and deleted my old backup from the hour prior and backed up my new state.
While checking things this morning I noticed I've lost two things, browser history and bookmarks (does not matter, just ablot of dusty wiki tabs) but what does matter to an extreme extent is losing my notepad from the last 2½ months. In this time I've been doing a lot of under the table work as my regular job is slow this time of year and two people who owe me a lot of money have been paying back small sums, I have lost all of this.
Why did TWRP back up everything but not my notepad? Is there a fix even though I deleted my back up? I've never done this before, but I will actually give $40 via PayPal or EMT to whoever can help me solve this issue, I really need it fixed asap as I don't want to lose any money or explain this situation to anyone

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