Seriously bricked here. ideas?


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Jul 7, 2011
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Noob here. Dinc 1. Probably did unrooting steps backwards or something, but phone is completely useless.

insert battery, power on, white incredible screen. goes black, vibrates 5 times and flashes green indicator LED until battery pulled.

insert battery, hold Vol down, boot to HBOOT. try any of the menu items and follows above.

no matter what i do, i get the same 5 vibrations and led flash.

previously rooted phone, had issues with boot loops for 4 months. was dealing ok. during one, phone lost ID, so couldnt make or receive calls or texts. called support and they decided to send me a new phone. fine. more research and realize S-off voids warranty. Oops. try to unroot and turn S-On, but fail miserably. lost clockwork mod during the wipe, so Im pretty stuck here.

main question: Is there a way to wipe the boot from the phone so S-Off doesn't show when i return it? Or am i sucking it up and eating the $300 charge for the new one? Already received new Dinc2 and its great.

thoughts or suggestions?


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May 6, 2010
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First try plugging in the charge cable right when the splash screen comes up. Try it several times if need be. If no luck, got any ADB knowledge?

5 vibs of death fix - Android Forums

If you were on 2.3.4 before all these issues, I don't think the above link will work since I'm guessing you lost root and would need Z4root to gain temporary root in order to issue the commnads. If you are/were on 2.2 at the time of the debacle, you may be able to recover.
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