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Sero 7 Pro tablet BRICKED!!!

Kevin Rodriguez1

New member
Jan 23, 2013
Just yesterday, i attempted to root the Sero 7 Pro and did it successfully,but before i rooted it i had download a dpi changer that changes the Pixel Density.After the root i tried changing the density from 209 to 321,and then a pop up message from titanium backup and i press grant (yes) when it said if wanted to change or not the density,i press grant then it says i have to reboot the device, so i do then i wait for it to reboot then its on the Hisense logo for 10 seconds then blacks out to a black lit screen ,on from there its stuck,right there,just a black lit screen. So i know i can get to recovery mode by pressing power button + volume rocker (-) to get to recovery mode then i press "reboot system now" it still doesn't turn on.Then i try "FASTBOOT" and its just stuck there.Then i press the POWER BUTTON + VOLUME ROCKER (+)(-) both and it says" ! Updating...Please do not press any keys" and again just a black lit screen.So pretty much the only thing that works is recovery mode and yet that does not help much.Help me please,same thing happen to my old 2nd generation ipod and i finnaly fixed it but this seems harder to unbrick.Not sure if this is classified as soft brick or a hard brick meaning its harder and almost impossible to unbrick. Im afraid that if i send it to the hisense company they will find out that its bricked, and from there i don't know what they will do.And if i buy a 2 Year Drop, Spill and Cracked Screen Replacement Plan from walmart, it will cost $28.00 for them to either replace it for a new one or give me a refund, including taxes, but i think it only covers cosmetic damage. Last month or before it fell and had scuffs on the rear back.That could be an excuse to change for a new one even if its bricked, im sure the person who fix the tablet will find the way to unbrick the nexus 7. But PLEASE HELP!!! Don't give me any "cant do" but what i can do to fix it.HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(:mad: