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sgs4 i337m no sound or mic after update HELP!!!!!


New member
Aug 2, 2014
Hi this is my first question here I hope someone can help.
I had my gs4 rooted and dec againided to go back to stock to fix an auto rotation issue. after unrooting and updating my phone was very laggy and had no wi-fi, so I tried to flash the stock rom a couple more times and still had the same issue. Now I've installed cm11 and the phone is working much smoother, but i have no sound or mic, cm11 did fix wi-fi though, when i went back to stock again the phone was still workig smoothly but still no mic or sound or wi-fi, flashing cm11 again got the wifi fixed. Has anyone heard of this problem, and maybe have a solution. that would make my decade. thanks in advance.