Sgs5 will not charge on wall charger, but will charge and sync on usb


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Jul 15, 2015
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Day before yesterday I have got message on mine sgs5 staying that I need applapplication to use "power sharing cable". I do not pises such cable. After that sgs5 refuses to be charged on wall charger. It will charge on usb fine. In matter of fact it is recognised and work properly on usb. It will charge a bit while switched off, but I cannot test it extensively at the moment, because I wait for important call.
Device is on latest update from Samsung (I belive it is 5.0 or something like that), never been rooted.
Oh funny thing which just popped to my mind.
I charged it for about half an hour on laptop and switched back to wall charger and it fully charged over night, but after unplugging I cannot change again. I have original Samsung cable, 2 long Nokia cables, 1 short Nokia cable and mi cable which came with portable charger.
I have 3 different chargers.
Original Samsung 2a charger, Nokia ac12x charger 1250ma and portable "power bank" style mi charger. None can charge

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