Question Sharing contacts between partitions


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Jun 21, 2024
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I have an android phone, managed by my company with both work and personal partitions. Prior to partitioning, I kept most but not all of my contacts in my work outlook.

After partitioning, these contacts are no longer available to my phone and text applications. Most of my texts show up without a name and I can't use voice recognition to make phone calls to any of the contacts on the work side.

Is there a way to share contacts between the two partitions or do I need to find some other way to export all the contacts over??


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May 16, 2014
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With a business-owned phone it's a common practice to have a work-only and a personal only profiles set up. They're by design meant to be isolated from each other, a privacy measure that hopefully applies both ways. So no, there is no easy way for you to set up your own sharing of data between profiles.

You could try to set up some kind of sharing service using a third-party, like Google Contacts or Microsoft 365 but you're also most likely going to be violating company-policy by doing so. Talk to the IT department first. They may also have a more hassle-free way for you to extricate your personal contacts from your mixed work contact list.

Approximately how many contacts are involved? If just a few copy-and-paste them into an email message to send to your personal email address.