shield tablet 2+ years later...


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May 15, 2011
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just wanted to jot a quick note about the lifespan of the shield tablet. I am using the original one... I've had a lot of phones and tablets over the last decade and I can't recall another one that kept its "edge" as long as this one. Even this far after release there are things it does better than any tablet that has come along since and I don't feel any need to replace it, at all. Well okay I did replace the original one with the battery recall but other than the battery still rocking the same tablet model.

Even now with nvidia seemingly moving on from it... don't think there is a shield tablet 2 coming, and all their game releases, even ones that work fine with the tablet only taolk about the shield tv console... I am hard pressed to think of a tablet I have gotten more out of than this one. There are minor flaws (the dinky buttons etc) and the screen cover doesn't last... but still extremely happy with the shield tablet, and it is something I take with me whenever I travel, hook up to the tv in the hotel room and enjoy gaming or watching content (you can usually forget about grid on a hotel internet connection).

anyway, hope your experiences with the shield tablet or stk1 have been as positive...


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Dec 4, 2012
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It is good that they built a tablet really well. I would like to see the Shield be continued. In fact, I think something that would help that along would be for Nvidia to integrate a keyboard and touchpad to go with it.


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May 8, 2010
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This tablet is freaking awesome. I bought my K1 after Christmas and my wife bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 when it went on sale. I would say this is every bit as fast as the Tab S2 in real world usage scenarios. I'm sure benchmarks say otherwise, but real in real world it's pretty great.

I recently update to Nougat and the K1 got super sluggish for about a month. Very frustrated at it then. All it needed was a wipe and restore and it's back to being blazing fast again.

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