ShopSavvy or Google Shopper?


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Oct 29, 2009
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Is anyone aware of a head-to-head comparison of ShopSavvy and Google Shopper? I have ShopSavvy on my Droid and more often than not it can't find an item that I'm scanning or it offers very little info.

My speculation is that over time Shopper will surpass the competition because it has Google labs behind it and Google frequently updates its apps.

Anyone have opinions about the two apps?



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Mar 25, 2010
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Google and ShopSavvy

@baycruisers - ShopSavvy includes more than 20,000 retailers as well as Google's product results. We will ALWAYS have more results than Google Shopper by definition as our results will ALWAYS include Google's results. Does this make sense?

Sorry you are having trouble finding local results. Could you answer a couple of questions?

- what store were you in when you scanned items? (address would be helpful).
- what sort of products were you scanning? (and UPCs would be helpful)

There might be a technical reason you aren't getting local results - i.e. we don't know where you are. The more likely issue is that you are scanning items we don't have local results for. For example, grocery retailers do not want to share inventory and pricing with applications like ShopSavvy. We have great local results in most areas for books, dvds, games, electronics and appliances.
Most new users (i.e. the vast majority of support emails) download ShopSavvy at their house and begin scanning items they already to own. Many of these items are grocery related and we don?t cover groceries very well. The rest are old books and DVDs ? many of these are still available online, but they are no longer in local stores. These ?DEMO? scans often yield poor results, a) the items are no longer sold in local stores, b) they are of groceries and c) the barcodes are hard to read. We have received hundreds of negative ratings from these users even though they have never actually tried to use ShopSavvy to shop. My advice? Use ShopSavvy when you shop ? you will be surprised how helpful ShopSavvy can be.

The reason ShopSavvy performs well in retail stores is fairly obvious. First, the items sold in one retail store are likely sold in other retail stores ? meaning we will have local inventory and price. Major local retailers carry between 10,000 and 100,000 items ? this is out of millions of items. Second, the lighting in retail stores is often far better than the lighting in your house ? this means scanning will be faster. Third, the barcodes are almost always printed on flat surfaces ? this means scanning will be faster. Trying to scan items in your house means you are scanning items that might not be currently sold, might have hard to read barcodes and scanning in low light.

Also, follow our blog for more information Big in Japan | Blog and check out our FAQ at Big in Japan | faq


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Dec 8, 2009
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Hands down ShopSavvy. Being a frequent visitor to Japan I loved how years ago they punch something into their phones like: I want widget A. It'll tell them where the cheapest place to buy it and helped navigate them there. That was something we were severely lacking in the US. The Android phones help us come to that level and now go beyond that with many applications. I would think shopper is good but it probably does a 'google search' on the backend of the whole Google database. Shopsaavy will go specific even as far as Ebay. I definitely don't shop w/o it :)


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Jan 2, 2010
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I've been sticking with ShopSavvy because it is very consistent. Other similar programs cannot read half of the UPC codes I try.

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