Should I buy a new Essential Phone or a used Pixel XL?

Essential or Pixel XL?

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Eric Xu1

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Jun 4, 2016
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I'm currently on the wait list for the Essential Phone from Amazon deal ($279 total), but I'm also thinking of just getting a used Pixel XL (about $210). Which one is the better option? And which one gets better battery life?


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Feb 12, 2012
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Battery life is dependent on usage - I can get 4 days on my Pixel 2 if I don't use it much, or a few hours if I use it heavily, so whatever numbers you'll get from people are for the way they use their phones. The Pixel has a larger battery, and less bloatware, so the battery life will probably be a bit better. And you'll get an update for the Pixel every month (only until September 2019, but it will be current until then) and P and Q - and there will probably be LineageOS after that.


Mar 6, 2012
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Hello! Battery usage is pretty subjective and depends on the user and their specific user patterns. Both phones could potentially give you good battery life.

The Essential Phone is great and the recent updates have done a lot to improve the overall performance of the phone and also it's camera. I've always loved the look of the Essential Phone and would have probably purchased one had it had the bands to work with my carrier.

That being said, the future of Essential is a little uncertain so if you would like a bit more "company security (as well as guaranteed updates and a great camera)," then I'd recommend the Pixel.


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May 31, 2012
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I would always buy new the Essential phones have been getting super quick updates and I don't recommend buying 2nd hand phones as the battery could be poor and you never know how they have been used