Should I buy a Viewsonic 10" G Tablet?


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Sep 14, 2011
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Hello folks! I have been requested to introduce myself. Since I am rather the humble sort, I shall just explain my user name: My first name is Daniel, two middle initials: N and S, finally, my last name starts with a D. "D.N.S.D" (Just so :p). Off course, when I joined the compu-tech industry, some 16 years ago, folks stopped calling me "Dan", "Danny" or "Dingbat" :() Thus the monikers "DNSD" and, eventually, "dnsdaemon" were born.

I am told this is a nice place with helpful people so I shall endeavor to be the same ;)

I do need some help: "Tablets" is the buzz word and I am scouting for one to mess-around with. I am told that the ARM9 Cortex is just about the fastest there is (any ARM15s out yet?) and the Tegra carries two of 'em. Cool! Given that them SoC's use, like, 1/200^200th of the power chewed up by an Intel comparative like Atom, these Tablets must run forever on a single charge.

I guess I have my eyes on the Viewsonic 10" gTab for much the same reason as anyone. Low money and high processing power. The specs <i/><b/>are</i></b> handsome.

But where is the catch? Many of you seem to have both, the tablet and it's OS (Android) well digested and eh... out.

Can someone please help? Thanks most gratefully and very nice to meet a community of the educated!

P.S. I know there are probably tons of reviews, great and small, out there. The reason I ask again is a) It looks like it has been some time before someone took a new look at it - like has Viewsonic done anything (good or bad) to it and the Software? b) Newer releases of the OS have been launched. People are talking about "Honeycomb" (??) and the way you can flick multi-task windows on the screen with a flick of a finger (or three?) and c) the latest etcs...

Perhaps a new "round-up" on the latest on this Tablet/Processor Trendsand so on, from one of the resident 'droid Dukes?