Should I get an S6 Edge or Passport?


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Jul 27, 2015
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S6 Edge or Passport

Z10 took a crap when 10.3.2 was pushed through. Time for an update. I'm sure BB fanboys (such as myself) and Droid users are going to be pro "their" device, so I'm going to post this in both forums. I need help choosing between these phones (really wish BB would just produce a phone with the same form factor of the S6 Edge with just as good specs - basically an updated Z10).

Reasons why I want to stay with BB:
BeBuzz this is my number one must have app. I keep my phone on silent and its nice to see the LED from across the room and know if I need to check my phone or not. From what I saw Droid has LED that you can customize, but nowhere near to the extent of BB.
Photo Password I love the fact I can open my right in front of someone and they will never know my password- even if they watch me do it 1000 times. Not sure if Android offers anything like this and how awkward would this be with the PP form factor?
BB10 in my opinion this is the BEST OS out of them all (although I have to admit apple has made strides). I love active frames - it's so easy to get to open programs and close them or switch between them. BB10 just feels so silky and smooth to me.
Production Powerhouse the HUB is such a perfect idea. It's great to have all notifications in one place but still be able to switch to individual methods easily. I get constant contact from a bunch of different people through different methods throughout the day. I've also found that I really like the virtual keyboard on my Z10 - I was really apprehensive to leave the physical keyboard of my Torch, but glad I did.
Security this is pretty straightforward

Reasons to go with Samsung:
Form Factor the Edge is just so sleek and sexy especially in white. The PP just seems big and cumbersome.
Easy Integration everything seems to work with Andriod. I love to get my nerd on and app support is a MUST. The ability to get Droid apps is a huge plus, but the lack of Google Play almost makes it pointless, almost.

The specs on both phones are similar, I think the Droid is a bit ahead in most areas (I was thinking about going with the Classic, but it has the same specs as my Z10 making it dated out of the box). I know this is a question based on opinions and ultimately will make my own choice, but I'm looking for some help and fresh ideas... Things I may be missing or not thinking of. This is even more helpful on the Android side of things, since I'm not familiar with them.

Thanks in advance for all the input!

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