Should I pick up an Z5 or a X?


May 13, 2016
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Hey guys,
I bought a cheap Sony M4 Aqua for a reserve phone, and I got so impressed by it that I want to sell my iPhone 6S and get a better Android phone - possibly a Sony High End.
I looked at the Huawei P9 cus it looks great and apparently has good hardware - but the video camera is not good enough for me.
For someone who doesnt have either a Z5 or a X, which is the better phone for me to get?
Z5/Z5c is 9 months old, and runs on Android 5.0, though its getting Marshmallow updates now.
Xperia X has just come out, but in many reviews I've read, the performance is on par or sometimes a little worse than Z5.
These prices are from Denmark: z5 compact costs: 442 Euro
Z5 costs 537 Euro
Xperia X costs 604 Euro
Which mobile phone is worth it?
I want to take very good pictures, very good videos, and be able to run games without a problem even though I gotta admit I hardly play.
I really wanted a Huawei P9, but the video camera is a no go.

the tall guy

Q&A Team
Sep 23, 2013
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Hi, that's actually a tough question as there isn't much between the devices. If I were you I would pick up the Z5 as it's waterproof and the X isn't - on the other hand I prefer the look of the X..... it's a difficult one.

Are you able to go to a shop and play with both of them??

Is it only a Sony device you would consider, how about LG / Samsung / HTC?