Should I root it? Help me pick (or not pick) a ROM!


Nov 8, 2019
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I’m very happy with my oldie Galaxy S6 (SM-G920T / zerofltetmo) - with two main problems:
- It got really slow in the last couple of years.
- Recently whenever I’m at a spot with no reception (and thanks to AT&T, there are plenty of those), the phone will not pick up signal again once I’m back in coverage. Airplane on/off doesn’t help, I have to reboot it.
I’d love to gain another year or two of use from it. I spent a few hours researching my options, looks like they are:

1. Resurrection Remix 6.2.0 (Oreo 8.1.0) Official, stable, and explicitly supports the G920T… although discontinued last year so no more security patches?

2. NexusOS 9.0 (Pie 9.0) Another rare build that supports the 920T, but in beta.

3. Resurrection Remix v7.0 (Pie 9.0) Not sure if it’s for my phone, I think this table is wrong?

4. I can just wipe it and keep using the stock 7.0 ROM... but it comes with all the bloatware and none of the security updates (Samsung gave up on S6 patches 1.5 years ago).

What I care about: Stability, speed, smooth performance, and security. I need things to work. call audio, SMS, Android Auto, Bluetooth, the Bank of America app, etc. What I don't care about: using the latest Android OS (I'm sure Oreo/Pie have features I'd appreciate, but I'd pick performance over new features), Samsung Pay or Android Pay. So is rooting even an option for me? Is it really that “there are no smooth, stable rooted ROMs for the S6”? :-\

And what do you think is more secure these days? A stock Android Nougat that Samsung gave up on issuing any patches 1.5 years ago… or a rooted but more current firmware?


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Feb 6, 2017
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If you root to add custom Rom make sure the developer is actively updating any issues or bugs or you'll be stuck with problems, also make sure you Know how to reflash the stock firmware if something goes bad