Signal indicator question


Apr 4, 2012
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I was hoping someone could answer a question I have related to the signal indicator on the status bar.

What I am trying to do is use a rom designed for an lg phoenix with the new baseband on an lg thrive (which can only use old baseband).

I was able to get the data/voice to work after installing the baseband fix from this post:, but the signal indicator only shows one bar at all times.

Interestingly if I install a cell signal widget it will show an accurate signal strength, Its just the indicator in the status bar that doesn't work.

I decompiled the SystemUI.apk and it seems like the phone is only displaying the "stat_sys_signal_1" drawable in the drawable-mdpi folder. It does display "stat_sys_signal_null" for a second or two when the phone is first booted but then goes right to stat_sys_signal_1 and stays.

So here are my questions,

Is there a file from an old baseband rom that I can copy to/replace in this rom to allow the signal indicator to work?

If it is a matter of decompiling and editing a system apk which one and where are the settings for the signal indicator?

Does anybody know how the phone determines what drawable to display for the signal status?

Thanks for reading and please don't hesitate to respond with any helpful/relevant info.