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SIM CARD FOR samsung galaxy s4? how to .. help//


Active member
May 12, 2012
ok so I have one question... I have I Motorola droid rzr from Verizon.. I bought it used and had it flashed to pageplus (prepaid service)... so It came with a sim card right.. so now I upgraded from that phone to the galaxy s4 ( it is also used and also Verizon)... so I was told that if I insert my previous sim card it should work because I have pageplus service and it works with Verizon.. so I have the phone put in my sim card but the galaxy tells me that sim card has already been activated!.. so how can I make this work? do I need to take this phone to one of those stores and have it flash also?.. I thought I just put in my sim card and that's it!!.. any help would be appreciated