SIM doesn't let me receive calls or text messages and I cant use mobile data, what could be wrong?

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I'm using a Nexus 6P and after an update I got a bunch of problems with my sim card. My SIM is detected by the phone and worked just fine before.
When I try to send text messages it says Sending... and after a while it gives me an error message. In System < About Phone < Status < SIM status it says Mobile network state disconnected. My mobile data says it has a connection but it doesnt connect to the network so I can only use internet over Wi-Fi. When someone calls/ texts me I dont get the messages instantly instead i get the notifications all at once.
Sometimes when the settings are on 4G it says No service and when i turn it to 2G/3G it tells me my network provider and when i turn it back on 4G it goes back to saying no service. I've tried restarting the phone ofc turning the phone off and removing and putting the sim back in. I have the problem for about a month.
Any suggestions??

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