SIM swap between platform At&t


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Mar 21, 2010
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Hello all. I'm a new Android watcher. I currently have a BB9700. The best Blackberry to date! However, my eyes have been recently wondering off to the android world. My main question here is, If I get a Moto Backflip, will swapping the SIM card allow me to access the internet or will I require a data plan change? I've tried with an iphone and everything besides data works. It tells me I'm not an subscriber to the data service. So I'm basically wondering if it will be the same with Android. I'm on a BES data plan and changing it is not an option. I can easily swap around Blackberry devices with no problem, but it looks like it may be an issue swapping between OS platforms. Any of you have an At&t BB and Backflip to test this out for me? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Jan 11, 2010
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I've always heard that one could use any device with a BB data plan but not vice versa. Your experience with the iPhone would suggest otherwise. It may have something to do with BES or maybe the way your account is setup if your employer is paying for it. I'm on BIS and I have an unlocked CLIQ that I can SIM swap with zero issues. Don't know if that's going to help you though.