Sim Unlocking for Moto X Gen 1?


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Sim Unlocking for Moto X Gen 1

I was given a Moto X 1 gen from my boyfriend when he upgraded his phone plan and got the 2nd gen. He has a local phone company Called Nex-tech. I am on Straight talk. I tried to transfer my number to the phone he gave me and the transfer went through but i don't have signal on my phone, i am not able to make calls or send text messages. He was told by a friend that i would be able to just reinstall the Android operating system for it to be able to work. I have tried this twice, and it has not worked. Does any one have any help, or anything to figure this out. Please let me know.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Put the Straight Talk SIM in, change the APN settings (they come with the SIM) or add a new Access Point Name, fill in the information that came with the SIM card, and switch to using that one.

If it's asking for an unlock code, you'll have to check on eBay for companies hat sell them. (If it were still on Nex-tech, they'd have to give the account owner the unlock code, but since it's not, you'll have to buy it.)

If it's not asking for an unlock code, contact Straight Talk tech support.

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