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Since the Lollipop update to my Moto 360, why does my phone continuously vibrate?


Apr 25, 2010
Lolipop and Moto 360

Since I got the update to lollipop and have been having issues. I can not seem to get my phone to stop vibrating or making a sound. I have android ware set to mute phone when connected to the watch, but it is not working. I don't want to only get messages from stared people. I just want the phone to stop going off. That and not all my messages are going to the watch any more. It is like this just started happening. I have checked all the places for theater and mute and all that. Reset everything over and over again. was thinking about doing a factory reset on the phone and watch tonight. anyone have any advice? I am really wondering why I spent so much money on this watch now.