Siren Sound From LG Optimus V

Patrick Burns

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Jan 11, 2013
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I have searched the Internet and have not found anything so I thought I would try this forum. The other day I was getting something out of my car and leaned against the car with my Optimus V between me and the car. I was in the city and started to hear what sounded like a police siren. It was a little different but very loud. I stood there for about 20 seconds and didn't see any police car. Then I realized my phone was making the noise. I kind of paniced and just wanted it to stop. But before I hit the power switch I saw on the screen something about SCREAMING... Since it was in my pocket I don't know how it was activated but I must assume it was from one or more hard keys. The phone would have been sleeping so the screen buttons would have been unavailable. Can anyone throw some light on what may have happed to get this feature activated. I do not have any extra ring tones, etc installed. Thanks for reading my post.

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