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Sku's do not match up on pre-orders


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Feb 20, 2011
I found that the pre-order sku and the sku on website are not the same which is very weird considered anything I have ordered or preordered from there had same sku numbers.
I have been hearing that some people were told that some Best Buys will have Wifi-only models and was reassured that they will. I wonder if this is a good secret or if they were confused. I was not told anything just pre-ordered and then left wondered if anybody has heard

The Website Sku is 1946179 so compare to receipt. You sku on receipt is right under where it says Package. It does say Xoom Presal though so that is cleared.

Leave Posts if experiencing any of this
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Jan 14, 2010
This doesn't surprise me. There has to be a different SKU for the presale compared to the actual device. Once the device releases I bet the SKU's will match up.

Source: Worked for BB


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Dec 31, 2010
that makes since. They would need to have a pre sale sku as they don't actually have the devices yet. they can put a sku on a website as it doesn't have a bar code needed to be on there. there actual sales system does need one so the scanners can read the bar code and match the sku.


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Nov 16, 2009
I was wondering sort of the same thing. I figured the pre order sku would be different but on the other side of the page they have the "redemption Sku" and that one does not even match up.

As to answer your question if you look at the very bottom of the pre order sheet is says skus shown and the first one listed is 1946179(ie Motorola tablet Xoom 3g/wifi) as seen on the website. What is funny about that is "sku's shown" but it is no were else on the pre order. The other 2 sku's listed at the bottom are for the 2 accessories that are shown on the pre order sheet. One of which is not the keyboard...