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Slow browsing on all phones: what might be the problem?


AC Question

Ever since my Arris TG862 reset itself automatically last Sunday, my brother and I have been experiencing issues in regards to brownsing on our phones. We've called tech support from our ISP and had a technician setting it back to its ideal setup, and we also tweaked our phones to the point of resetting it to factory mode. But the issues were still the same.

I searched the forum for possible solutions and tried pretty much all of them with no success - but I didn't change my modem/router. Does anyone know if getting an older or newer equipment will help in solving the issue?

By the way, the phones are a Motorola Moto G 2nd Gen running Android 5.0 and a Samsung Galaxy SII running Android 4.2.

P.S.: funny thing is I did speed tests on both phones with only them connected at our network and download and upload speeds weren't any slower than what I find running the same tests on computers. Also, browsing on those computers is still fine, and whenever I download something through an app the download speed is fine. The only issue is browsing.