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When I woke up today I saw that my phone's (Umidigi A5 Pro) battery had drained from 20% to just 2% (phone was on airplane mode through the night). I tried to charge it, but then I found out that the battery icon did not rise at all: It was stuck on 2%. The battery icon showed charging sign even though the charging wire wasn't connected. Also the headphone icon was on even though there was not any headphones connected.

I turned off the phone and then on again, but still it was on two per cent. That two-per cent charge drained pretty fast and then the phone turned off. After charging on "turned-off mode" about an hour, the battery sign shows 8%, so the phone charges pretty slow.

I did spill some tea on the lower section of the phone, in other words near charging port and headphone jack, but the phone seemed to be ok. Is there something that I coud do or is it time to purchace a new phone?