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Slow MMS sending from our S6s VS my wife S4 @ our home


New member
Dec 5, 2013
We have two S6s and one S4 in the family. AT&T Wireless service.

The test image is 118KB in size.

Two of our S6s take up to 2 min to send the test image while took my wife S4 less than 5-10 sec on the same image. We can duplicates the slowness of S6s sending MMS any time of the day for the past 8 days ever since we bought the S6s.

We tested this at our home. We have not test this any other location since 3 of us not always at the same place and the same time out side of our home.

What are the settings should we be looking for? If anything the S6s should be performing faster then S4.