SMS pop ups and sounds


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Feb 3, 2012
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So I finally upgraded from to a Galaxy S4. So far it's been fun learning everything. Two things I can't figure out though. One is how to I turn off that annoying SMS pop up? The on that appears over what ever app I might be in at the time? While it is a neat feature I don't like how it does it all the time. Yes I have tried Google. I just don't think I am entering the right search criteria.

Secondly is the sounds. My text messaging sounds were working just fine an hour ago (from this posting) but have sense stopped. I have checked all the volume controls and even reassigned the sounds from the settings and from the messaging settings but the sound won't turn back on.

Any help would be great. Thanks!

EDIT: I figured out the issue. The new phone downloaded a text app I had on my old phone. As soon as I got rid of that it fixed the audio issue and the pop up issue. Thanks for those who at least took the time to look in on my thread.
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