SMS sender ID does not identify inbound SMS numbers with (9)


Apr 8, 2020
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I live in Argentina.
Whenever I receive a phone call from +54 11 xxxx-xxxx and I have that number associated with Roger in my contacts, Roger is identified. But if I don't pick up for whatever reason, I get an SMS reporting the missed call. The number which originates the SMS is reported as +54 9 11 xxxx-xxxx, and Roger is not identified. If I add +54 9 11 xxxx-xxxx as a number for Roger, the SMS ID is correctly updated, but I shouldn't need replicating the number for all my contacts.

Currently using Android 11 on Samsung S10e.
This was working fine in my previous Android 8.

How can I fix this?

After trying a solution in Android Enthusiasts I realized the problem was the extra 9.
I didn't try syncing numbers stored in the phone with my Google account as in another solution in Android Enthusiasts (and I am not sure my problem is the same as that other). SMS ID should not rely on Google, and I didn't need that with Android 8. I guess the OS (or the app?) should take care of that.


More details:
Phone numbers are built as +(Country) (Area) (Number) as usual, with a possible extra 9 after the country code, or a possible extra 15 after the area code.
The historical reasons for those extra numbers, and when were they mandatory (calling from abroad/within Argentina, phone call/SMS, calling from mobile/landline, calling to mobile/landline, etc.) are a separate issue. These rules kept confusing people, in particular foreigners. Nowadays networks are smart enough, the rules are mostly (I wouldn't dare saying 100%) not needed. You could also use +(Country) (Area) (No.) from within Argeninta; before, that was not allowed, 0(Area) (No.) was needed from within Argentina. I am not certain, but I think even (Area) (No.) works. This is similar to what happens in other countries.

So if I call using +54 9 11 xxxx-xxxx, it will likely work well, the same as if I use +54 11 xxxx-xxxx or 011 xxxx-xxxx.

54: Argentina <br>
9: Prefix for mobile numbers <br>
11: Buenos Aires <br>
xxxx-xxxx: phone number

Then there is the issue of Caller / SMS ID for inbound calls and messages.

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