snapchat problem with the latest update!


Jun 15, 2019
mine snapchat app not work good, when i updated snapchat on note3. 5 lollipop version, on latest version when i click stickers it opens, and after 1sec goes to app manager i see snapchat info force stop or unninstal from application manger from settings menu not snapchat, but phone, why do that?;D i tried previuosly version snapchat not do that.
and i tried on my s5 neo with 6 marshmallow android latest snapchat version not do that when i click stickers not goes to snapchat app info to settings, and my other phone a5 2016 with 7 android dont to that ;) so why note 3 do that on latest snapchat version update, but not do that on previuosly version like 10.40 apk version :D