So I purchased a Xperia X Performance tonight!


Aug 19, 2016
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So I've owned the Xperia X before but I've not ever had a chance to even mess with the X Performance before. For those who have experience with both models will I find the X Performance to be far superior to the X? I'm looking forward to getting it. I sold my Nexus 6p to fund my purchase. I loved the the 6p but my favorite phone size is exactly 5 inches. Plus I have several cases left over from when I owned the X before. I know they will fit the X Performance as both models externally are built identical. Is the 820 processor in the X Performance fast with zero lag? Oh one other important thing. I of course bought the US version which I still have warranty left on the one I got which I got at a good deal. I really want to be able to use the fingerprint sensor. I've read that you can flash a European firmware to the the US model that will enable the fingerprint sensor. Can anyone tell me how I would go about doing this if you've done it before? Out of the two the Xperia X and the Xperia X Performance, which would you overall prefer? I've watched several YouTube reviews that put the regular X on top in terms of battery life and overall general performance because of the efficient 650 processor. I was shocked to see that as I would think the 820 processor would be far superior overall. Any thoughts on this? Thanks a bunch for any help and advice. I'm looking forward to getting mine and using it as my daily driver which indeed that's what it'll be for me. Plenty of power in such a perfect size smaller device.

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