SO WEIRD!! Anyone's gmail fixed, but with new problem?


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Nov 4, 2009
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the next chapter of the gmail issues...

So I wasn't getting my gmails on one of my gmail accounts. Then it turned out that my gmails were being received, but for some reason hidden in the "all mail" label section. They were all labeled "inbox" but for some reason wouldn't show up in the inbox or notify me no matter what I did (batt pull, reset, phone trade-in, refresh, sync now, etc). I know some of you have had this problem as well...

Well all of a sudden today I started getting notifications/emails for that account!!!! They went to my inbox, showed up in my notifications bar, everything! I tested it and sure enough it seems to be working perfectly.

However, I had a new problem today :(. Not sure if its related. I used facebook for maybe 5 minutes today browsing about in the app. I also have the widget running (but have had the widget running since I got the droid with no negative aspects other than it not updating). I noticed my battery draining rapidly today. In 3 hours I was down to 50%. 40% by 3 hours 30 mins. That is 3-4x faster than it has been since I got it.

When I checked the battery use section I saw facebook as the number one user at 67%!!!!!!!! what?! The screen had only used 21% by comparison. Compared to my usual usage which was 10-20% battery in 3 hours showing like 51% for the screen usage. I tried closing the facebook app in the running programs section, but it kept popping up. I eventually had to plug it in...

So...thoughts? anyone else? think it's safe to put the facebook widget back on?


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Nov 6, 2009
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I'm gonna have to check this out, my battery seemed to discharge a lot faster today. I started using a widget app that has facebook on it so I took off the stock fb widget. I'll have to see what happens tomorrow.


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Nov 7, 2009
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I dont see the point of the widget when you can just click the app, or bookmark I pretty much don't let anything AUTO update, for fear of battery life.

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