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Desperate for some info/advice please.
Complete newb with mobile phones, have a 2 year old Samsung S7 Edge with a cracked screen. Saw a deal online for a new S7 Edge which was cheaper than a new screen. Purchased the said phone and it wouldn't update software past version 6! Kept saying "software up to date" each time I would check.
LONG story short - new phone is a US make and I reside in Australia!! Samsung Aus said to contact Samsung US which I did - unhelpful and unwilling to offer any assistance other than to say the phone WONT update unless it is in the USA... Samsung Aus cannot assist me either...
ANY advice on how I can do this update manually somewhere?? Most of my latest apps wont work as it states a software upgrade is needed.
Basically I was ripped off and a lesson learnt :(
Thank you in advance


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Feb 12, 2012
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XDA is probably your best bet. Many of the developers there capture update files, so you can flash them manually, or you can flash an entire updated ROM (but you'll have to back up everything first - flashing a ROM gives you the factory version - nothing you've done is on it - your pictures, music, everything is gone).

And you'll have to know which version of the S7 Edge you have (or the carrier if it's carrier branded).

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