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[SOLUTION] Android phones and Yaris (Vitz) bluetooth car speakerhone issues


New member
Apr 17, 2015
Hi everybody.
I own an old 2004 Toyota Yaris ( Vitz in some countries ), that features a Parrot bluetooth speakerphone, standard on the car.
I owned a Galaxy Nexus phone and now a Nexus 5 phone: till Android 4.1 ( on the Galaxy Nexus ) the phone worked greatly with the speakerphone. Since Android 4.2, it stopped working correctly. I had two issues:

- the phone continually disconnected from the speakerphone, making it impossible to use during a call

- after some seconds of call, the speakerphone sound begun to echo, making it very difficult to listen anybody calling you.

I searched all over the internet for solutions, and I found out that Parrot bluetooth speakerphone on those Yaris models ( made until 2004/2005 ) cannot get firmware updates, so you can't update it if it has any software bug.
Here is what I found out as solution:

- about disconnections, I've found the following solution on some forum, and it works. I can't find the link anymore, so: install Bluetooth File Transfer app from play store, unpair your phone from bluetooth Parrot speakerphone, open Bluetooth File Transfer, go to bluetooth tab, enable bluetooth if it isn't already, and pair your phone with the car's Parrot device, first with File Transfer Profile, and then with the Object Push Profile. Both procedures can last for minutes, maybe the phone doesn't pair correctly, but something happens between the two devices and after that the disconnection issue disappears. When you've done both procedures, disable bluetooth on the phone, close Bluetooth File Transfer, and from this moment on you can enable bluetooth again on the phone and pair it with the parrot device normally (without using Bluetooth File Transfer anymore) and it doesn't disconnect anymore. This solution worked for me: thanks to anybody who posted it, I can't find your post! :)

- about echo: I couldn't find any working solution on forums, so at some point I stopped using the Parrot speakerphone. I've had the same issue also with my Nexus 5 ( running Android 5.1 ). I've been trying finding out a solution by myself, and finally an idea came to my mind: I assumed maybe at some point ( since Android 4.2 ) google engineers modified the settings of the input from bluetooth devices' microphone, putting an higher gain on it. The Yaris' Parrot device has an high volume from the speaker and you can't modify it (not even with the car's radio volume knob), so I supposed this hypotetical higher microphone gain probably produced the echo. As far as I know you can't lower the bluetooth microphone volume gain on Android, not even with audio apps that work in root mode, so I had to find another solution to lower the microphone gain.
I had home an in-ear headphones rubber spare part like this:
I removed the inner part of it with scissors and then put the "rubber cap" I obtained on Yaris' Parrot microphone like this:
and it works: no echo problems anymore, and since the volume is still high enough, the person on the call can hear me correctly.
I hope this solution can help somebody else! :)