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Solution to galaxy edge phone light Leakage / leak / bleed


New member
Feb 13, 2011
See this thread (which I couldn't post on) https://forums.androidcentral.com/s...has-physical-problem-light-leakage-edges.html

I've found a pretty simply solution to this issue. Get yourself some of the glue that's included in the Dome Glass screen protectors. I know they sell similar stuff on amazon, it's UV glue or something, I'd make sure ppl talk about using it to glue on smartphone screens. Since the stuff has a really low surface tension, it sucks itself into any tiny crevices, which include the tiny concave space between the frame and the screen. This stuff blocks the light from leaking, and it's just more glue, which they used to glue the screen on in the first place.

You can use the UV light on it to cure it, or just leave it. since it's such a small amount exposed to the air it it will dry on it's own. The thing I used to hold the glue was super stuck to something the next day and I didn't use the UV light on that, so the stuff does air dry.

I noticed this when I put on my dome glass screen protector and the part where the glue spilled over had no light leaking anymore.