SOLVED: Format SD as internal storage on Redmi 5A problem


May 25, 2015
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Hello, so I have used this guide
to make my mom's Redmi 5A have more storage, but somehow it worked half. Now settings / storage shows huge "system storage" but free space didn't increase at all and I cannot install new apps because of low space! Interestingly apps seem to recognize the space and for example several gigabytes of offline maps can be downloaded no problem. Only OS still thinks there is low space (MIUI 11)

Anything I can try to fix this?

EDIT - I solved it!
as I suspected the solution might be a trick - I have switched off the phone, removed the SD card again, started the phone and it got back to the state before the operation. I have uninstalled a few apps creating 1,25GB free space. The SD card I have removed partitions in disk management on a PC (that might not be needed...). Inserted SD card to the phone. It said it is damaged and needs formatting, so I did it. Then I performed the actions in the guide - activity launcher - files - format SD as internal. It formatted, asked me to move files to it, I did it and now it is working and the free space reported by MIUI is still 1,25 (or 1,24) and doesn't change even when I am installing a lot of apps! Files by Google reports properly the new internal storage space as 121GB. Now the MIUI installer is happy to install anything, because it still sees over 1GB of free space and I hope it will stay that way :)
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Feb 6, 2017
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Re: Format SD as internal storage on Redmi 5A problem

Hi, you shouldn't try make sd card as internal storage, slower write speeds,slow performance, crashes are to be expected , bett off to offload stuff to cloud
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May 31, 2021
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Re: Format SD as internal storage on Redmi 5A problem

You can find incredible bargains on the Mi. com app on a weekly (from Sunday) and daily basis if you (anyone) registers on any device.

Their budget offerings have superb storage and spec.
Some maybe a bit larger or heavier than she is used to but I would look to replace that old unit.

Redmi, Xiaomi, Mi and Poco branded models are all manufactured by Xiaomi who are one of the top three volume sellers.

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