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Some photos on SD card broken??


AC Question

I had a Galaxy and all my pictures are saved on my sd card, got the HTC ONE M8 and many (not all) of my photos show up in the galley as a question mark. And says file not supported, so I took my card out and put it back in my Galaxy, and same thing, now shows some pictures as question marks, some videos also.

So, do you know how to get back my corrupted photos and videos? or should I just give up and erase?


B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! When you removed the card from the Samsung phone, did you unmount it first in Settings>Storage? Removing a card without unmounting could potentially corrupt some files--it can be like pulling the plug on your computer while it's in the middle of a hard drive read/write. But it could also be related to Samsung's somewhat iffy track record with SD support--there are quite a few complaints on these forums about missing or corrupt files on SD cards, usually with Samsung devices.

Try unmounting the card, then inserting it into your computer's card reader. Does the computer read the photos ok? If so, back them all up now. If they don't, then try a program like DiskDigger or PhotoRec.