Some questions regarding Android?


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May 26, 2012
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Hi guys..

This is my first post here and I hope I am following all rules here ..

Since my questions are regarding mostly to Android only but not to device specific except one or two., I hope I am posting in right section..

So here we go but before that I would like to tell that I am a Symbian user from a long time and currently have N8.. I am planning to go for Nokia 808 or SGS III.. That's why answers to these questions will allow me to decide what to choose.

1. Will I be able to use TV out option through 3.5mm point or it's not available in Android devices but only HDMI output and will my Nokia TV out cable will work or I need to purchase a separate one?

2. How good USB on the go works on Android?

4. The only thing I will miss going on Android from Nokia would be the camera so how good HTC or SGSIII camera? I love to take snaps but also thinking about moving on to Android ..

5. Will I be able to copy my messages from Nokia to Android anyhow?

6. Anything you could put in you feel different than Nokia that could help me to decide on this or features I will miss in Android what I already have in Nokia like FM transmitter etc....

I would like to weigh my options before moving on to Android if I will..

Thanks a lot..

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