Sony Experia Tablet Z - I can't "Throw" please help


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Jan 6, 2014
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So I have an HTC One, a WDTV Live, and now an XZT. My HTC One can use what i believe to be DLNA to play directly onto my WDTV Live. it does it consistantly and easily. absolutely no hassle.

My XZT has "Throw" which i believe is supposed to be the same thing but I cannot get it to recognize my WDTV Live. I got it to work ONCE...once it can see my WDTV Live it works great....but prior to that one time...and ever since then I cannot get it to even see the WDTV Live.

I don't think it is the WDTV Live's fault as the HTC One can do it effortlessly. But I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it to connect with the XZT. When I google i keep finding the same links to the same Sony guide but theres ZERO info on troubleshooting. I guess they just assume nothing will go wrong?

Please Help


May 1, 2013
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Mine works great on my Sony Bravia Smart TV, but I guess it is because both products are compatible, my Sony TV does not direct connect with my S4 phone but does for the Tablet Z... One thing I do not like when connecting in wifi direct with the TV, you loose your Internet wifi so you cannot play internet content from your device to your TV because you already are using the wifi signal, the tablet Z has the hardware to have this possible but Sony has not done anything about it so far except to say that they are working on it.

It however works great with the MLH connect but it's a freaking wire.

So it looks like you have the reverse situation problem then I had...

Instead of using Throw, have you just tried to use Screen mirroring? Have you tried to check the settings on your TV to accept and register a new device?

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