Soundlink by Bose VS Jambox Big by Jawbone


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Jun 8, 2010
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There are a lot of opinions online, but I would like to hear a few Android enthusiasts opinions

At first I heard better things about the Bose, but then I heard equal amount of good ...but different things about the big Jambox

Two Cnet people preferred the Jambox Big

I actually bought the Bose. I am not all that impressed with the volume and while the sound is very good, It is muffled and I guess that is what they are calling the VERY low lows that don't show the vocals

I am leaning to switching to the Jawbone. I know the cons are that close up it is not as good, and at high volumes it can distort "occasionally"

but it has better volume, is cute in a different way, has a speakerphone, has the voice giving battery llife,


Can a few people give me their opinion...hopefully before I head out

You all are so helpful all of the time, so I thank you in advance



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Aug 31, 2010
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I don't have any experience with Jambox, but I can say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my Bose Soundlink. I haven't noticed any sound quality issues and I have had it playing plenty loud enough for some outdoor parties I have been to recently. I was also intrigued by the Jambox but I went with the Bose system due to many prior positive experiences with Bose speakers and customer service. From the reviews I would bet that both would serve most needs/wants, and exceed in most cases.


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Jun 8, 2010
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CRWallace, et al

Thank you....I have to say I can answer on my own now

I had the SoundLink yesterday and it was awesome. The lows were low though, as just about every review said. But prior to that, I should have known that they are known for that...even before the reviewers say it. So while it is not a bad thing, espec for club music as one example, it is almost 100 excusable knowing they build their product that way

The volume did not go as high as I liked, that is it. And when I put on for instance, Whitney Houston, RIP, Greatest Love of All, the voice did seemed drowned out

The Jambox Big is louder, plays the midrange and treble a little better and lacks the bass. I hear it will have problems on the loudest level, but then again it can go louder. It does have better battery life and a speakerphone I will prolly not use

Back to the bose, the look puts you in awe. It looks a little better on my new night stand I needed to get to fit my colognes down below and my harmony remote up top, the speaker, and the android dock

It is also more easily portable

Am I going all over the place...Yes. I do like louder

The some reviews say, and I didn't like cannot go wrong with either

If it is rep and lows and a good look you want, get the Bose
If you want more volume and treble and speaker and battery, Jawbone

Both are great

I almost wish I could delete my post but it is an educational experience and I am thankful for your help

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