Space Flight & Perfect Pixel Tower Defense


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Mar 25, 2014
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I just released two new games for Android :D
Hope you enjoy Space Flight, a Flappy Bird-style (sort of) game with a shop and three game modes, and
Perfect Pixel Tower Defense, an 8-bit TD game with a nice custom map editor and different color schemes.
Lots of time and effort went into these to make sure they're functional, fun, and easy to pick up and play, so I hope you all like them :D
I'd love to get some feedback, so please, feel free to criticize. I encourage it.

Space Flight:

phone-screenshot.png Screenshot_2014-03-07-23-56-13.png Screenshot_2014-03-08-00-08-15.png

Perfect Pixel TD:

Screenshot_2014-03-24-20-10-49.png Screenshot_2014-03-24-20-11-49.png Screenshot_2014-03-24-20-12-19.png Screenshot_2014-03-24-23-06-31.png