Specific apps (youtube, play store, google app, gmail) will not install/update on my tablet.

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Hi, I have a tablet (rca voyager 2) and today I tried to update youtube, but it throw me an error when installing (error code started with 9) then tried with another apps and thy installed just fine. Searching a little more I found the play store was not updated, so i tried installing it manually with the latest apk and again an error indicating it could not install.

Then I tried the solutions found on the web, like deleteing cache/data from play store and others, and nothing.

Frustrated I decided to do factory reset, expecting this was going to fix the problem.
To my surprise, when updating the apps, the first one was google chrome, and it updated just fine, then it followed gmail and throw me error -504 can not install, and the same with google app, play store and youtube. The rest of the apps install/update just fine.

What is going on here? Thanks!

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