Sprint communication and shipping....surprised?


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May 27, 2010
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I have anxiously awaited receiving the new Evo as everyone on this forum. We have all trolled the forums looking for a bit of new info in regards to when our device will ship.

Sprint communicated when the phone was delayed, when it was cleared, and when it was shipped. I received my tracking # this morning. I will receive my phone tomorrow due to my proximity to Louisville.

I have read where Sprint has not sent tracking info. Has sent two day air/overnight. Etc., etc, etc. My point or question; Could Sprint actually be providing better customer service as in the pass? I think this is an important question. When Hesse came on board as CEO, Sprint was floundering and the customer service was rated as the bottom of all carriers. He made it a point to turn this perception around with proper training, staffing, and execution. Now they have been rated around the top in terms of customer service the last couple of years.

As stated earlier, I was informed of the delay, pending shipment, and shipment via tracking #. Is it time to not complain and give Sprint some props for performing as promised under poor circumstances?

I have been with Sprint for years. I travel and really no issues. I would be interested in hearing the thoughts of similar Sprint customers.


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May 10, 2012
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I think Sprint's customer service has been incredible, but with this launch, they should have been WAY more open and transparent with what is going on. That's the only thing I had a problem with. I don't care waiting, but I want to know what I'm waiting for and how long it could be. Don't just...be completely silent.


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May 8, 2010
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Sprint has communicated everything that was going on while the wait sucked it was out of their control. I think they handled a crappy situation better than other carriers would have. I get peoples frustration but we have all dealt with the government in one way or another and it usually takes forever. I have also been with Sprint since 99 and have always had a good experience

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