Sprint Death: Pixel 6 vs Samsung A71 5g


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Jan 5, 2022
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Hello, this is likely my first and last post, and I apologize for that.

I'm really really indecisive.

T-Mobile is cutting down the trees of Sprint LTE in the United States, and they are bricking the Galaxy S7 that I've used for....almost 5 years. They're offering me a free replacement for my three phone lines. Two of my lines seem to have a more premium upgrade path, while one has a less-premium upgrade.

For my two premium upgrades the best options seem to be a Pixel 6 and an A71 5g

For my less premium upgrade (mom's line) they are offering a A32

Some background info for me and how I use my phone, I work at a dog shelter, and take lots of cute pics of the many puppies that come through so that I can post them on the Twitter for attention. I have about 10k photos on my S7 right now. I also take a lot of selfies for the same reasons lol, and I kiiiinda like a selfie camera that's maybe a lil blurry. Some pics are better without seeing every pore, but I imagine I could turn resolution or something down in settings. Most of my pics end up on a SD card, but I do back them up a few times a year to my desktop.

I also have severe tinnitus. I am streaming bluetooth audio literally 24/7, especially while sleeping. I usually use a Titanium Aftershoxxxx bonephone thingy, as buds hurt my ears after an hour. I quite like having an aux port on my phone, as sometimes I like to listen to Dance Gavin Dance very loud on a nice set of Audio Technica headphones, I must admit that I maybe only do that once a month. 99% of the time I accept garbage quality audio through the ole bonephones.

I'm clumsy, and drop everything all the time, including myself. I've only had phones that Otterbox makes a defender case for, and they do not make one for the a71, but do make one for the Pixel6. If there is a case for the A71 of the same quality, please let me know.

My dad also gives out my number whenever he has to put it down on a non important form or a store requires it to buy stuff. So I get about 7-10 calls a day from "Senior services" or "Car warranty services". I saw that the pixel has a feature for this kind of thing, but there's no way for me to know if it actually works.

I have used Samsung phones since I got my first line at 17, they have always seemed a reasonable investment and I've always been satisfied with them. I know the numbers on the Pixel 6 are higher, but that honestly doesn't matter to me much, my usage consists of constant streaming of youtube through firefox nightly (it lets me turn the screen off and keep playing) 24/7, 3 texts a day from the shelter, a couple from friends, about an hour on twitter, about 10 photos a day, and I google about 4 recipes a week. I don't play fortnite on my phone, I'm not gonna mine bitcoin with it, I'm not a link in the blockchain.

The biggest worry I have about the Pixel 6 is that I'm going to run out of space

The biggest worry about the A71 is that there is no Otterbox Defender for it

Thanks for your time

UPDATE: I ended up getting the pixel 6. If I had gotten an a71 it just would've ended up broken. I sorta don't like supporting companies removing stuff like replaceable batteries, aux ports and sd slots. It's hard to stop a tidal wave though.
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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! My main phone is a Pixel 6 Pro (which I love), but I also have an A32 5G that I got for "free" from T-Mobile that I actually had to use for about a month when my previous Pixel 3 XL died. It's actually a pretty decent phone, especially considering the price. Performance was good, camera was fine, and it has an SD card slot and headphone jack. I'm a Pixel guy through and through because of the camera experience, so I ended up switching to a cheap refurb Pixel 3a XL until the Pixel 6 came out -- but if I didn't care so much about the camera, I probably would've been fine using the A32.

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Feb 2, 2017
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The Pixel 6 has the option to answer or decline calls by voice if your hands are full. Proper dictation and assistant features you don't get on a Samsung. Better cameras, 128 GB storage. I would prefer the pixel to the Samsung.

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