Sprint has no faith in EVO any thoughts

Jun 26, 2011
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Am I wrong here or should I feel like Sprint can and should do more. I am long time loyal sprint customer and even now I do not want to leave and probably will not. On May 12 I took my broken EVO 3D to a sprint store for repair. They could not fix it and a week later my replacement arrive. It did not work and required a battery pull every 20 or so minutes to reset. So after a few days of this I made a trip to another sprint store and after they confirmed the phone was faulty they ordered another replacement. It took another week to get it in since they are on back order. This one had a new problem it does not connect to the Sprint Network. Every tech in the store worked on it but no luck I can make calls and text but no e-mail no internet. They ordered another phone but this time the order got lost and it is now June 8 and I still do not have a working phone. I pay for the top of the line Sprint everything plan so I am paying for data I cannot get. I alsop buy insurance from them. I wrote sprint asking for help and after a day they called. A very nice lady named Patty tried to help me. Here is what I found in other cases they would offer me a new phone. Not a 3D but most any phone. Found out they do not do that for any EVO phone. In fact for EVO phones they make no adjustments none. Even the rep seemed surprised. So now I wait for another phone to show up at the store. I should mention the store is about 50 minute drive each way.
Any thoughts, anything else I can say to sprint. Am I expecting to much to ask Sprint to give me some credit. (They said they do not do this and there was nothing else they could or would do.)


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Jun 24, 2011
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Thats a lie. Many times I have called and told them I was leaving and they would add credit to my next bill. Tell em your changing carriers to get there attention. If you let them walk all over you then they will...Like any other corp!


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Jan 17, 2011
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Speak to someone in retentions......I had issues with an og evo that had to be replaced 5 times in a year(3x's in 2 months), got stuck with the effed up bootloader and got sick of it.... they gave me the option of any comparable phone. I chose the ns4g and have sworn off HTC( have a 3d on another line that has been hell also, and had the hero....) the rule is, they won't offer another phone until you have had at least three defective ones.... good luck

(And by dealing with retentions, they'll next day air you replacement....at least they did mine)

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today..........


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Jan 11, 2012
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At the very least you should demand an account credit for every single day you were without a properly functioning device, from the date of the original replacement. That is what is actually due, since you couldn't really use the service you were paying for. I'd still demand a different device for your troubles. If they say no, ask for a supervisor. If THEY say no, ask for THEIR supervisor. Eventually someone will help you, if only to get you off the phone. I speak from experience. I've had many promises fulfilled, even though I was promised things that "we just can't do...like the system won't allow it."


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May 22, 2011
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The 3D tends to have a higher percentage of defects out of box. Instead of getting a refurbed replacement of another phone, I would encourage you to try again. It's a great device when working. They should have the option of ordering you a brand new 3D from their WEL program. In store they can't do much, but be polite on the phone and ask to be escalated. Make sure the techs in the store are noting your account of the issues you've had and it should be easy as pie

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