Sprint LG G2 - Camcorder not functioning for some reason

Randon Kesse

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Mar 15, 2014
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I recently purchased my (LG)G2, and am fairly new to smart phone technology. Infact I have only recently learned how to add media (pictures, docs, music, video) from my computer to my phone. As such, I am unsure as to what course of action to take in fixing this issue. The camera aspect of the phone works perfectly (all of it's special features/effects) and are easily viewed in "Gallery". However, whenever I click the "record" button for the camcorder, it will make the 'ping' noise, signifying that it is on, but immeadiatly go back to being a red dot waiting to be pressed to record as well as permanently remove the options of mode, flash, etc. It will not begin to actually record unless I edit the mode from normal, to something different like "life effect" however even then, once I click the red button, it will begin to 'record' and show the timer going up, however it is stuck (visually) where/when the button was pressed. It basically makes a still picture rather than a recording but with the timer going and the red dot turn to a 'stop' icon. Infact pressing the stop icon will cause even the timer to stop, and the buttons to pause and stop will disappear, replaced by the "record button" which remains darkened (Basically back to where it was if the record button were pressed but the button is eternally shaded in and the camera is focused on a single picture,the image being what ever it was that was being viewed when the button was pressed). and it makes all lower menu option buttons unresponsive aside from the pull down and home button(Back button and options don't work). Also, if I have the flash equipped, in normal mode as well as in an altered mode (such as live effect) it will stay on until I return it to the home screen.The camcorder function worked sublimely with no issues or errors before hand. I thought it might be related to putting video on my phone however I that is speculation as it seems to be the only activity I can think of to donk with the hardware. Aside from that, I can't view any of my previous recordings with the camcorder in gallery. Has the picture of a broken movie "action" thing. At one point, I was able to record once more for a very brief period however viewing the recording showed that it horribly stretched the image if recorded horizontally, distorting the image and quality of the recording. I had hoped this may be a software issue that I could handle at home, but it is beginning to feel like I might have to seek aid at the nearest sprint store. If you believe you can help at all, any ideas (Aside from turning it off and back on :p) I eagerly wish to hear them! My specifics are: Android Version 4.2.2, Kernel Version 3.4.0, Software Version LS980ZVA. Also, I don't know if this would help much, and I know not if they are related, but the phone, for just about as long, regardless of whether I am connected to wifi or not, has given me the message "cannot reach google at the moment" whenever I attempt to voice search in either the swype or LG keyboard, and any facset that offers a vocal search option. I have the offline version on and updated, as well as Google Voice typing (automatic) on. Both seem to have happened around the same time, but again I don't know if they are related. Thank you for any insight you can offer!


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Jun 8, 2010
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I always hate to suggest this as a first option, but given you have several issues (aside from being long winded ;)) I would try a factory data reset.

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