Startup problem since 4.2 update

Bob Blomeyer

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Dec 24, 2012
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There have been a LOT of different bugs reported since Nexus 7's 4.2 update.

I LOVE mine and I'm NOT a whiner. But I've encountered a scary one. It's scary because when I power it down at night and leave it on the charger to fully recover... It doesn't like to start up readily like it did before the 4.2 update!

The last thing I want is to lose the use of my trusty Nexus 7. It goes EVERYWHERE with me now. I depend on it, the way iPhone users depend on their's as a virtual life line!

After recharging overnight for the last three days, it just plain won't restart unless I reconnect it to the charger. Then it'll restartand work just fine... till I try to restart it again the next AM.

this AM it as eve scarier. I reconnected it to the charger and it refused to restart until my techie "spider sense" moved me to wiggle the mini-usb jack, where it connects to the bottom of the Nexus. Then something connected and it finally fired up.

Troubleshooting rule #1 is always turn the device off, & torn it back on again. Since rule #1 doesn't apply when the device starts off, rule #2 is: "Wiggle the wires!" This morning, rule #2 did the trick.

I'm absolutely sure that the start-up problem occurring RIGHT after doing the 4.2 update is beyond coincidence. But this morning's apparent faulty connection to the micro-usb charging cable recall has me worried.

I'd really appreciate it if someone who reads this forum who reads this would forward my bug report to Google's Nexus 7 Droid OS / hardware development team.

Either that or reply with the email address of a team member. OR (even better) with detailed info on how to do a "hard reset" on my much loved Nexus 7 to hopefully make my scary start-up problem go away completely.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

And apologies if there's already a documented fix that I couldn't find. (I tried...HONEST!)

Dr. Bob Blomeyer
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Sep 2, 2012
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If you want you can try going back to 4.1.2 with the factory images you can find stickied at the top of this thread though I have no experience with your issue as I'm staying away from 4.2 stock or otherwise I'd say leave your n7 on when charging and download the app fast reboot for if the system starts acting slow or gets buggy and weird

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