Stay awake/keep awake questions


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Feb 4, 2013
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So my number one battery drain has and always will be the media server as I stream music 8 hours a day at work. Gotta love having WiFi. So my question is that inside the media server the stay awake is always through the roof. Right now I have been discharging for 6h 8m and down to 74% Media server is 26% with stay awake at 5h 42m. Is there any way to disable this? Or is it completely required so that it plays music when the screen goes off and it doesn't go into deep sleep? I am perfectly fine with the way it is now. I still get on average 13 to 20 hours on a single charge before it gets below 5% batter. But I would love to be able to get more out of it. Adn for some reason some days are better than others. Oh and I do have the rescan media app.

Thanks in advance,