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Feb 10, 2010
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[RELEASE] Steel Droid 3: 1.0 Gingerbread - 9-26-2011


================================================== =======
Open up the Browser, and type in "about:debug" (minus the quotes of course)
This will enable debug settings and the Java Console.
================================================== =======


Based on 5.6.890 (2.3.4)
Fully deodexed system
Added hosts file for ad blocking
Added Steel Droid boot animation
Added lots of build.prop edits
Added Motorola FM Radio app
Removed bloatware
Removed Google Maps
Removed Gmail
Removed News Widget
Removed Blur Email
Upgraded Busybox to 1.18.2
Upgraded Superuser to 3.0 main and 3.0 binary
Fixed stock SMS app FC error
Smoothed out menu and list scrolling
Decreased display wakeup during calls

Flashing instructions:

Can be found over at Droid Forums at Steel Droid 3 v1.0 Gingerbread
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