steps app for Cricket phone service on Samsung Galaxy S2

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Dec 1, 2010
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Hello All,

Hope you are all well!

Been awhile since I've been here and hope you are all well! I could not find a Samsung Gear S2 forum. If there is one, feel free to point me in that direction and I will repost this there.

We switched to Cricket about 6 months ago or so. I just realized I don't have a step counter on my Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 watch any longer now that I want to use it, LOL! Stupid me did a reset of the watch for starters (BIG mistake) and now I can't get past the "download the Gear app" on my watch. I have the Wearable app already on my phone, it's been there awhile but it's requiring an update and when I click to update I get "Something went wrong try again." I have tried again, have rebooted my phone as well. Right now my watch is useless. I know it's old but it was working great and I can't afford to replace it.

So ... I just uninstalled the Galaxy Wearable app and the Gear Plugin in order to install the newest version but they won't install. I click the install button in Playstore it looks like it's gonna do it and the install button just pops back up. I just rebooted my phone, still can't install Wearable or the Gear Plugin. I don't believe it's the Playstore glitching because I installed Google Fit just prior to messing things up.

As an alternative I downloaded Google Fit but I don't know how to get Google Fit on my watch. Just found instructions on Google BUT because I can't get past the required Gear S download on my watch I'm stuck right there. I don't have to have the Samsung app (I don't think so?) any good simple step counter is fine.

Does anyone know how to fix this mess? I'm desperate to have my watch working again.

Thank you!
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